Rich Piedra is a 30 year veteran of the music scene.  He started playing guitar at the age of 12 and spent his early years learning bar chords and mimicking his guitar idols like Steve Vai, Edward Van Halen, and George Lynch.  After years of studying and playing music, Rich developed into a diverse artist with a wide musical background and an impressive playing style. 

His first serious cover band was called “Barbed Wire” when he was seventeen.  After several years of learning by ear, his musical direction began to change and he started to write his own songs.  With years of playing, writing and recording his own music, Rich has become a very skilled and creative songwriter in many musical styles.

In the past two decades, Rich has written hundreds of original songs and has recorded many CD’s with numerous bands. Rich Piedra independently release his debut EP “Love Fantasy” on which he plays all of the instruments.  “Being able to play and express oneself through music is real blessing,” says Rich. “The feeling I get when playing the guitar or writing a new song is amazing.  It’s a feeling that only songwriters and musicians can really appreciate.”

Rich Piedra has performed musically at many venues throuhout New York.  He has also studied acting and has performed in several community musicals including Once Upon A Mattress of which, he played the lead male role of "Prince Dauntless."

Out of necessety and the drive to keep learning new things, Rich has studied audio engineering and has aquired the skills to record, mix and master his own music, as well as mastering the audio for his videos and film productions.  He accassionaly records and mixes local artists at his home recording studio.  

Rich Piedra is also a private music instructor and coach and teachers guitar, bass, vocals and drums pritately.  

What's on the horizon next for Rich Piedra? Rich will be auditioning for America's Got Talent 2018 season. Rich says, "I know I am not going to win when there are 11 and 12 year old child prodigies taking over the world, I just want to know what it feels like to perform something that I've created, on the big stage, in front of millions of people. It must be an unbelievable feeling and a once in a  lifetime experience!"